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At Angel Ronan Consultancy, we value jurisprudential flare, teamwork and love for solving problems. If you would like to participate in a fee sharing arrangement, please write a two-paragraph writing sample and submit it with your resume.

You have a Canadian qualification in accounting or law or you are a current Canadian accreditation student and wish to gain some experience. The fee sharing arrangement entitles you to a maximum (67/33-67% for you) fee arrangement. A dental plan is always available.

You will also have twenty four hour access to the premises and basic assistance but you must be independent yet able to work in unison.

Files will be distributed on a cab rank basis.

Please contact us.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Warren A. Lyon is a former Senior Client Liaison Officer with Bank of America Can. and a Post Graduate in business law from B.P.P. Law School(LPC), London, U.K. After graduating from the Univ. of Western, Ontario and obtaining gainful employment with a reputable bank, Warren recognized his niche for helping clients with the utmost efficiency and respect for not only his client but also his employer. After a number of years of fruitful employment in the banking industry and achieving awards, Warren made the conscious decision to explore another career he had considered. Warren left banking in the late 1990's to study law and is now an LL.B graduate from the Univ. of London (S.O.A.S. College). He was also accepted at Kings College, London, U.K. to complete his LL.M. As a persistent and dedicated lawyer in Toronto, Warren is not limited to North American practice and consults with clients overseas. He has worked and will continue to work with Legal Aid Ontario. Consultation and advisory services through ANGEL RONEN  FIRM -CONSULTANCY are available.  Call 647-701-9478.


Consultation and advisory services through Angel Ronan Church Directory are available.  Call 647-701-9478.
Approximate Fees range from $350.00 to $1500.00. The initial consultation is free. We can also draft your claim. $3437.00 for pre-trial court attendance ( Applicable taxes apply to all fees). Payment can be made by INTERAC MONEY TRANSFER or Credit Card (Pay-Pal-see top of site). Angel Ronan International Inc. is a registered proprietorship and manages the trademarks.  Call today. Located for meetings in Toronto. 

Support and Establishment (general fee): You are welcome to the services of ANGEL RONEN  AND CO . with any amount (Maximum $100000.00-Minimum $50.00). A letter confirming the service and two consultations will be provided. EMAIL Money transfer:


Angel Ronen is a trademark of Warren A. Lyon and is copyright protected.

We value hard work, commitment and jurisprudential flare. If you are interested in working with Angel Ronan on a fee sharing arrangement, please send your resume and small writing sample on Saint Ronan by hand delivery or

If you have any questions about working with ANGEL RONEN CONSULTANCY, please submit your questions by email.